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Your Email Id is also being banned by the bulk sender, and the person you are sending emails from is not trustworthy?

What is Email Jinny?

Email Jinny is a cloud-based platform offering advanced features for sending bulk emails. With the ability to send unlimited personalized emails per day, it ensures your emails remain secure and avoids getting banned. The platform also provides comprehensive tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor key email events such as sending, opening, and bouncing.
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How To Send Mass Email,
Using Email Jinny?

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1. Compose Bulk Email

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2. Successfully Send Bulk Email

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One Stop Solution for Every Industry

How Email Jinny services can be great for your business


  • Send Personalized Email
  • Easy outreaching
  • Save your Valuable Time


  • Send Personalized Email
  • Easy outreaching
  • Save your Valuable Time

Digital Marketer

  • Send Personalized Email
  • Easy outreaching
  • Save your Valuable Time

Why Should You Use Email Jinny For Bulk Email Services ?

Maximize your bulk email sending with Email Jinny’s
advanced features and comprehensive tracking for secure and engaging delivery.

No Daily Limits

Experience the freedom of unlimited daily sending with Email Jinny's no limits feature.

Send Personalized Email

personalized messages that resonate with your audience's interests and needs.

No Subscribers Anymore

Say goodbye to subscriber limitations with Email Jinny, hassle-free.

Track Email Event

Track email events like opens, bounces, and clicks in real-time to gain valuable insights.

Cloud Based Secure Panel

Enjoy a 100% delivery rate with Email Jinny's secure cloud panel for emails.

Buy & Resell At Your Price

Exclusive Resell Opportunity – Set Your Own Price with Email Jinny!

Pricing and Plans

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This is standard pricing and as per the client’s requirements, prices may go up.