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Reach to your audience with
Bulk Whatsapp Marketing

Cloud base Whatsapp Marketing Panel allows users to send text, pdf, images, videos, etc from virtual numbers.

WhatsApp Marketing Cloud Panel is 100% safe and reliable and easy to use. Use WhatsApp bulk message sender software to keep your account 100% secure. You can create and maintain Bulk WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

cloud based whatsapp marketing

Cloud Base WhatsApp Marketing Panel

Elevate your marketing with our user-friendly cloud panel. Effortlessly send bulk WhatsApp messages (or bulk SMS via WhatsApp) to thousands with our powerful WhatsApp bulk message sender (also known as a bulk msg sender or WA sender).

Seamless Bulk Messaging

Virtual Number Option



High Open


whatsapp marketing cloud panel

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Frustrated with manual WhatsApp Marketing?

Revolutionize your outreach with our Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software - the ultimate WhatsApp bulk SMS sender. Effortlessly blast personalized messages to thousands. See for yourself!

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Bulk Whatsapp Messaging Pricing and Plans Packages


1,00,000 msg


10,00,000 msg


50,00,000 msg


1,00,00,000 msg

One Stop Solution for Every Industry

How Bulk Whatsapp sender services can be great for your business


  • Send Bulk Whatsapp Messages in one click
  • Easy outreaching
  • Easily Capture Leads


  • Send bulk Promotional messages using digitalsms.biz
  • Easy to manage campaigns
  • Save your Valuable Time

Digital Marketer

  • Grow your marketing Agency 
  • Keep customers informed about service confirmations
  • Interactive Content and Contests

Why Should You Use WhatsApp cloud panel For
Bulk Message Services ?

Maximize your bulk Whatsapp sending with digitalsms.biz’s
advanced features and comprehensive tracking
for secure and engaging delivery.

Say good bye to
Whatsapp bans

Tired of worrying about WhatsApp bans? Our Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Cloud Panel lets you reach thousands securely. Focus on growing your business and scale your marketing with confidence, not account safety.

High Open Rate

WhatsApp messages have an open rate of almost 98%, making it one of the best channels to communicate with customers.

No charges for
undelivered messages

Bulk Whatsapp messaging is less expensive than other marketing channels, like email marketing, SMS marketing, and traditional advertising. You only pay for the messages you send.


Tired of expensive marketing? Our Bulk WhatsApp Message sender lets you blast messages to thousands without breaking the bank. 

Poll System &
Action Button

Want to keep your customers hooked? Our tool lets you add polls and action buttons right into your bulk messages! Ask questions, get answers, and drive action - all easily managed from our online dashboard.

Complete Report

Unsure what's working? Our Bulk WhatsApp sender provides detailed reports, letting you track results and optimize your campaigns for success.

FAQs: Cloud Based Bulk Whatsapp Marketing

Using a reputable bulk WhatsApp sender that adheres to WhatsApp's guidelines can help ensure your account safety. Our platform ( digitalsms.biz )prioritizes compliance to minimize the risk of bans.

Yes, you'll need to have your customers' phone numbers saved in your phone's contact list to send them messages through our Bulk WhatsApp sender.

Our pricing plans vary depending on the number of contacts you want to reach and the features you need.

A cloud-based WhatsApp panel is a web interface that allows you to manage your bulk WhatsApp marketing campaigns from any device with an internet connection. There's no software to download or install.

Yes! Our platform allows you to personalize messages with customer names, purchase history, or other relevant details to create a more engaging experience.

Yes, our platform provides detailed reports that show you how many messages were delivered, opened, and clicked. This data helps you understand what's working and what can be improved.

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Reach a large audience quickly and efficiently.

  • Increase engagement with interactive features.

  • Improve customer communication and satisfaction.

  • Drive sales and conversions.

  • Cost-effective marketing solution.

Here are a few examples:

  • Send promotional offers and discounts.
  • Share product updates and announcements.
  • Provide customer support and answer questions.
  • Conduct surveys and polls.
  • Send abandoned cart reminders.
  • Run contests and giveaways.

Yes, you can send the images in your Whatsapp marketing messages.

Yes, you can send Bulk Whatsapp Messages on International Numbers.

No, you can send the Bulk WhatsApp SMS without saving contact.